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Having a strict production system, we consider it important to find all harmful trends and take improvement measures. In the whole production process, quantitative calculation may be adopted in some items, such as rejection rate, cost per unit, employee's absence rate and resignation rate. As for calculable indicators, we should define corporate standards and make regular records of them according to specified forms. As a result, we can make frequent comparison and analysis based on standards and find problems in time.  However, some factors are hard to be calculated, such as service quality and employee's complaint. In the circumstances, it is impossible to take improvement measures before potential problems can be found. Yet, the cost is high when they have been found and improvement measures have been taken. Therefore, the finding and solution to the potential problems depend completely on the familiarity of the management at all levels to the site. So what production manager should do is more than the check of evaluation indicators and review of work report. In addition, they should walk to production forefront, exchanging ideas with employees at root level and understanding their feelings, so as to take improvement measures.

No serious safety and quality accident has ever happened over more than 20 years in our Company, which fully proves that our current production system is practicable. Continuing to improve this system, we will provide our customers with safer and better products.