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In pursuit of honesty and excellent products;
A well-known Company with excellent service.
As an important part of building socialist spiritual civilization, corporate culture is the common value of all our employees. Our employee-oriented corporate culture is essentially to stimulate the employees, motivate them, improve their quality and promote the overall development of the Company. Therefore, for the enterprise culture construction, we will focus on the tasks as follows in the coming three years:  
2.1 Fortify the Construction of Professional Ethnics
Starting from the ideological work of the employees, we introduce our reform idea of innovation to the employees through propaganda and solve the conflicts in the reform process. We try our best to find the merits of our staff's ideas by holding various competitions and contests. We encourage the employees to love their posts, guide them to combine their personal ideals with our development objectives, and cultivate their collective sense of honor. Consequently we stir up their strong sense of responsibility and form a powerful cohesion inside our Company. 
2.2 Taking development as the core, we build our competitive corporate culture which can guide us to build up correct value.
In addition, it can enhance our core competitiveness and coordinate harmonious development of the Company. However, the competitiveness of our Company derives from constant study and knowledge update. So we should encourage the employees to grasp sufficient knowledge. In accordance with the demand of our Company, we take different forms to train them so that we can greatly improve their professional level and skills, building up competitive corporate culture and promoting further development of our Company. 
2.3 Strengthen Corporate System Construction
Being employee-oriented, we fortify our responsibility, carry our detailed management, enhance management level, further improve corporate system and post codes so that corporate management and employee behavior are subject to relevant rules and regulations. We advocate the improvement of incentive and restraint mechanism in common corporate culture. We raise our work efficiency through innovation mechanism so that we can lay a good foundation for the harmonious development of our Company.