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Our IML plastic injection team is the most professional team at home. We are famous for mould design and production, research & development and debugging of manipulators, IML provider and excellent production and allocation team so that our customers feel safer to cooperate with us.

Different from other domestic IML producers, our team only dedicates to IML plastic injection products rather than takes it as an avocation.

Our QC system is based on the system of Xiamen Yaxin Plastics Co., Ltd. Which has adopted the OEM QC system required by some international companies including Panasonic, Sanyo and Philips. Meanwhile, we have created our self-owned unique QC system in accordance with the demands of domestic customers. To maintain the excellent quality of our products and services, we stick to our policy, namely prevention first, control second, check third. As a result, our products have been fully recognized by our customers.